Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick

Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick? ICloud Drive and other cloud options work great at ever more affordable prices , but let's face it: that on Android they can use USB On-The-Go for a long time gives a little envy. Can I use a flash drive on the iPad with the Apple adapter


Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick? ICloud Drive and other cloud options work great at ever more affordable prices , but let’s face it: that on Android they can use USB On-The-Go for a long time gives a little envy. Can I use a flash drive on the iPad with the Apple adapter ? What does iOS do and why not? Is there a way to import photos from a USB stick into the iPhone? In addition to the Lightning to Female USB Adapter, Apple also has a “Lightning Connector Adapter to SD Card Reader “. It is still not compatible with iPhone and loses compatibility with MIDI devices, but it might be more convenient to import images from our digital camera, especially since it does not require the camera to be turned on. Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick

These are best iPhone pen drives and external storage devices:

  1. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 32GB for iPhone and iPad – Click to buy
  2. SanDisk iXpand Flash Drive 64GB for iPhone and iPad – Click to buy
  3. PhotoFast i-FlashDrive EVO 64 GB for iPhone – Click to buy
  4. Kingston Digital Kingston MobileLite Extra battery- Click to buy
  5. iPhone Flash Drive 32GB USB 3.0 (Recommende) – Click to buy

In our trusted Chinese electronics store, we will also find all-in-one adapters, with USB, microUSB, SD slot and even HDMI . One of the advantages of this type of adapters is that they allow us to continue charging the iPad while importing images. SanDisk announces iXpand for iPhone and iPad

And we are not forgetting the “iPhone pendrives” that came with the 30-pound dock and then adapted to Lightning. We tried PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD and SanDisk iXpand , we talked about iStick … But before investing in one of these, you might be interested in wireless alternatives such as MobileeLite Wireless Kingston or iPhone flash Media Drive .

SanDisk iXpand can help you

Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick

Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick? One of the most recurring situations among buyers of an iOS device with capacities between 16GB and 32GB is the lack of disk to store the large number of photos, videos and applications that we all have today. Here we can not extend it with memory cards, even with external USB drives, since the operating system does not have a file system that the user can access.

Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick? Beyond extending memory as a basic use, it will also be very useful to, for example, provide videos, music or documents to another iOS device simply by asking you to install the SanDisk application. The manufacturer offers us capabilities for almost all tastes, 16GB, 32GB, 64GB and 128GB. The difference between them is only for capacity, and it is interesting to mention that it is not only compatible with Macs, also with PC systems with Windows from Vista. 

The solution for Apple products is to have some hardware device that is used as storage, and an application that acts as a file manager to use them. SanDisk has thought about it and proposes its SanDisk iXpand , an external unit based on flash memories that has two different connectors: Lightning, for use in an iPhone or iPad, and USB 2.0.

In it, we can store videos, music and other documents from the computer or the iOS device, and can access them from any of the areas, simply using the iXpand with the corresponding connector . It also gives us, by the way, some useful advantages that we come to see below.

Surely many of you are already thinking of various uses for a unit of this type, and is that even for iPhones and iPads with high capacities, thegreat simplicity in sharing files between devices makes a product as attractive as That SanDisk offers us, especially when they have not wanted to complicate life much when designing the application that manages everything.

Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick?

The configuration could not be simpler: as indicated in the instructions that we find just open the box, we simply have to connect the unit to our iOS device, via Lightning . The operating system will notify us that it requires an application not installed on the system, and will take us to it if we so desire.

The ability to back up photos, videos and contacts from iOS to iXpand is one of your strengths

Once the application is installed, we will find a file manager to use with a clear and simple interface : three large folders for Music, Photos and Videos where we store our contents and retrieve them later. If we connect the unit to a computer, saving the files in their corresponding folder we can later reproduce them from iOS without problems. There is also the possibility of backing up photos and videos, even from the contacts we have on our iPhone or iPad to the unit, something really useful if you have only 16GB on the device and you are not at home. This download to the memory will free space on the phone or tablet, and the contents will still be accessible from the iXpand.Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick

I have been pleasantly surprised by the performance of the video player built into the application, which has played smoothly MKV videos of several GB, without slowing down and with a perfectly synchronized audio. The supported formats are WMV, AVI, MKV, MP4 and MOV , more than enough for any video you want to take.

The document viewer and music player work as you would expect from an application of this style, without any problem. There is a very useful option in the files that we have inside the iXpand unit, “Save to iPhone”, which will allow downloading to the phone ( or tablet ) whenever we want.

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PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD, external storage for your iOS device

Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick? There are several reasons why having some extra storage for our iOS device can be more than interesting. Not only to save documents, but also to transfer them quickly between an iPhone and a computer without having to synchronize or resort to the cloud.

PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD offers us a storage device with double connector , on the one hand we have a USB port and on the other a 30-pin dock connector. With capacities of 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64GB allows us to store and load these documents from different devices.

Connected to our computer there is no complication, it is mounted as a normal pendrive and ready. When we use PhotoFast i-FlashDrive HD next to an iOS device is when we will need to run an application called i-FlashDrive , free in the App Store. With it we will have access to the data stored in the unit as well as additional options like backup of our Contacts contacts, viewing or managing files between the memory of PhotoFast and for example the folder of Dropbox or the files stored in the iPad .

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The operation of the application is simple, a window is loaded where we will see a scanner of units. Selecting the unit we can transfer data from one to another by just dialing and giving it to edit. Then we will be shown options to delete, move or copy. Simple and uncomplicated.

We will do this massively by selecting multiple files or individually. When we open an individual file we will see how also, thanks to the sharing menu we can send (according to the type of file) the documents, photography, video, audio, etc … to the compatible application and that we have installed on our iOS devices.

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PhotoFast is an interesting product . Besides storage it makes it easier to copy files between the computers of other users and ours, regardless of whether they are both iOS devices, computers or even Android terminals if they have an OTG USB port.

Compatible with different file formats data transfer rates are: 10MB / s with USB, 2.5MB / s on iPad 2 and 1.5MB / s on iPhone 4. If you have a device with a Lightning connector you can use the 30-pin adapter Lightning and PhotoFast will work without any problems. The only drawback, it would have been a function that would make it even more interesting, is that it does not allow loading or synchronization. Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick

MobileeLite Wireless from Kingston

Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick? MobileLite Wireless is a device capable of transmitting content wirelessly to our iOS device. This content can be stored in SD cards or USB memories that will be connected to the reader and port that includes the device. The other connector, mini USB, is used to charge the device battery.

And yes, it has an integrated lithium battery of 1800 mHa that it uses to power the system Wifi through which transmits the data. Also, the battery capacity can be used to recharge our iOS device. A good feature that is very valuable to get that much needed extra energy sometimes at the end of the day or after a morning of intense use.

Knowing what MobileLite Wireless offers is time to start using it. The first thing we will do is configure the access, a simple process. Downloaded the application MobileLite from the App Store on the device. Now we go to Settings -> Wi-Fi of our iPhone and we will see as it appears a new network with name MobileLiteWireless. We select it and it will connect, by default it does not have any security key.

From the application MobileLite we will see that the device is detected and we can select it. After doing so, a new window will appear listing the connected units: SD card and / or USB drive. All you have to do is choose one and start browsing all the files. In the bottom bar we will see several icons that allow us to filter the files by Photos, Videos or Music. The last one will be the icon that gives access to the settings .

From these settings we can not only change the name of the network that MobileLite Wireless creates but we can also activate WPA2 security so that only we can access the content.

Configured and connected to MobileLite Wireless it is time to see how the data transmission behaves. From the iOS application we will be able to load any stored file, as long as it is compatible.

As for speed, content loads quickly and even the beginning of video playback is fast and agile. Therefore, we do not have to worry about slow loading times until the content reflected on the iOS device screen appears.

But eye, not just to upload content serves. MobileLite Wireless also turns out to be a good option to gain storage on our iPhone or iPad , and you can send pictures or videos from it to any of the connected units. What for example can be useful when we travel and we want to gain space to continue making photos or videos, or simply to pass some file that we have in the terminal to another user who only has a USB stick.

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MobileLite app allows you to copy or move files, even creating folders to organize the content. It passes files from SD card to iPhone, from iPhone to USB memory, from USB memory to SD card or any other possible combinations.

As an extra bonus, once connected MobileLite Wireless to our equipment to charge the battery, we can also make use of the SD slot as if it were a card reader . Same for USB port. Thus, if we connect a unit we can copy files from or on it.

That means it will not read all audio files, video, photos or documents. The good thing is that we can send them to other applications installed on our iPhone or iPad that does support a greater variety of formats.

MobileLite Wireless seems to me a highly recommended product . It is a good choice if we look for more than an external battery with which to recharge the device if necessary. The versatility and functionality of the application is very good and will be extremely useful for many users.

But of course it is not perfect. And I say this because although with a weight of 98 gr and dimensions of 125x60x16 mm (practically an iPhone 5 but with greater thickness) is comfortable to transport it is missing that the battery would have been of greater capacity . 1800 mHa are short if we make use of data access and we also want to load the terminal. Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick

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What can you do with the Apple Adapter?

The “Lightning Connector to USB Adapter for Cameras” (formerly Camera Connection kit , because it was sold along with the adapter to SD) is Apple’s solution to pass photos and videos from a digital camera to our iPad . Officially, it can not be used to import images to an iPhone. These are the three things that allow us to do:

When you connect both ends, the Photos app automatically opens to import the images and organize them into albums. For photos, it supports both JPEG and RAW ; For videos, it supports different formats and codecs such as MPEG-4 and H.264 (so we can think of a movie as well as home videos). Once imported, you can delete them from the external drive.

The adapter is compatible with USB 2.0 and supports a transfer rate of up to 480 Mb / s . We can connect a camera through the PTP image transfer protocol or any memory that uses the mass storage device protocol.

2) The same, but from an iPhone or an iPod Touch

With the adapter we can also import images from any iPhone with Lightning port or from the 5th generation iPod Touch. It would be enough to connect the female USB to a cable Lightning – USB of the ones we have at home.

Best flash drive for iPhone | iPhone memory stick?

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