Best chocolate in the world


Best chocolate in the world? The International Chocolate Awards, the grand prize of this sector of gastronomy, has just announced its winners, at a ceremony held in London. This award selects the best in two categories: dark chocolate and milk. In the second section, the Peruvian brand Cacaosuyo has achieved that its tablet “Piura Milk” was recognized as the best in the world. Peruvian chocolate has managed to overthrow the Swiss in the best cocoa category and, in addition, Cacaosuyo also won gold medals as the best organic product, best chocolate maker, best merchant and best cocoa producing country. The best black chocolate is Porcelain, by Rogue Chocolatier , United States.

The Peruvian company works directly with farmers and indigenous communities , both in the harvest and in the preparation of the cacao, in a meticulous and traditional way. In principle, this chocolate was created for export (Japan, France, Sweden, England, Belgium …), but now also has a large domestic market. Best chocolate in the world

“We are proud and happy because today there is no Swiss milk chocolate the best in the world, but a Peruvian chocolate,” said the manager of the Cacaosuyo creative factory, Samir Giha.

Cacaosuyo produces fine chocolate with white cocoa , considered one of the rarest in the world, grown in the northern region of Piura. “In the depths of the Peruvian Amazon, our beloved land, we find an immense reserve of varieties of cocoa, the last Inca treasure . With each region has a different flavor, the expression of a unique territory. We harvest and transform these cocoa beans into chocolate bars, “they say.

Peru is home to 60% of the world’s cocoa species and is one of the main producers, according to the Peruvian Association of Cocoa Producers (Appcacao).

These are the top three prizes.

Best dark chocolate: Rogue Chocolatier (United States) – Porcelain.

Best milk chocolate . Piura Milk, from Cacaosuyo (Peru).

Best white chocolate. Icoa, from Chocolates El Rey (Venezuela).

All prizes, here .

The 5 best chocolates in the world

Dark, clear, white, sweet, bitter, bar, liquid and in hundreds of more ways, this is how thousands of people are seduced by chocolate , becoming one of the most popular sweets in different countries, and that is worthy To be held. The September 13 was chosen by the French as the International Day of Chocolate and since 1995 is celebrated, also commemorating a day like that was born Roald Dahl , the creator of the story of Charlie and the Chocolate Factory .

From ancient times, Mexicans also joined the ranks of chocolate fanatics, because because of their exquisite taste, the Aztecs called it ” the food of the gods .” And taking advantage of the date we present some of the best chocolates in the world . Which have you tried? Best chocolate in the world


It has been producing chocolate since the 17th century and since then, throughout history, has positioned itself as the country that owns the best chocolates in the world, both for its high quality, high percentage of cocoa and exquisite taste. Internationally, its most famous brands of chocolates are Lindt, Toblerone, Swiss Army, Nestle Cailler and Glando.


Although not a country that grows cocoa, which is the main ingredient for chocolate, Belgium is one of the most important producers in the world, as it has approximately 2000 stores that sell this delicious sweet. The brands you should not forget to look for when traveling there are Neuhaus, Corné, Galler, Godiva and Leonidas.


It is recognized for being the first country manufacturer of popular chocolate bars, so it is one of the largest producers of chocolate in the world. If you are going to visit Italy do not forget to go through the region of Pisa also known as the “cacao valley”, because there are the most important production companies of the European country as Amedei, Venchi, Perugina Sutti and Ferrero Rocher.


This Latin American country has managed to position itself within the group of five countries with higher cocoa production. As if it were not enough, it has also been considered the nation with the best chocolate in the world, thanks to a bar of organic chocolate without milk without milk, flavored with an Andean herb called luisa, which has become very popular worldwide .


 It could not miss in this top 5, as it is one of the countries with the largest production of cocoa and chocolate, in much of its gastronomy, is also the main ingredient. Mention aside deserves to be one of the few countries that have turned it into a typical drink. If you are a chocolatier at heart, you will know that the most recognized national brands are Ibarra, Ricollino and Carlos V.

Where do I have to travel to eat the best chocolates in the world?

Chocolate is the most transcendental sweet, delicious and famous from all over the world. Surely you have eaten it in bar, liquid, in cakes, and melted. Many consider it addictive and even the best sweet in the world. And is that just think of its taste makes the palate crazy!

Bitter, clear, dark, sweet, and in its infinite variations, chocolate is the sweet of passion. It is so important in the world gastronomy that there is the International Chocolate Day celebrated since 1995 in France.

Chocolate comes from mixing lard and cocoa paste with sugar, it is as addictive as it is delicious; A benevolent drug that kills you, but of sweetness. Many countries have played over the years the title of the best chocolate, but here we will present the true winners and the champion of them all.

8. Italy

This country is well recognized by the first to make chocolate bars, so it becomes one of the largest chocolate producers in the world. The area where the most cocoa is produced is the region of Pisa, known among residents as the Cacao Valley. The most recognized chocolate brands in Italy are: Amedei, Perugina Sutti, Venchi and finally the exquisite Ferrero Rocher.


7. Denmark

This country is not exactly the land of cocoa, however it is one of the largest chocolate producers in the world. Denmark has shown that it may someday become a big one in the chocolatier company, but until then, it will keep seventh place on the list. Among its most recognized and famous brands we have Bounty, Twix, Mars and of course, the wonderful Snickers.


6. United Kingdom

United Kingdom is very famous for being the manufacturer of the first organic chocolates in the world. Their chocolate bars are very appreciated and loved by the tourists who travel to this country only to taste and buy kilos and kilos of these chocolates and take them to their homes. Among its most esteemed brands we have the Milkybar, Turkish, Daim and the beloved Kit Kat.


5. Switzerland

In Switzerland it has been making this wonderful sweet from long before the eighteenth century, and since then, it has been known as the country with one of the best chocolates in history. And its exquisite taste, its excellent quality and the large proportion of cocoa that comes with preparing it, make it worthy of our fifth place. Among its outstanding brands you will find Swiss Army chocolate, Glando, Nestle Cailler, Lind, and the magnificent and very famous Toblerone.


4. Belgium

This country is not exactly a cocoa grower, which is the main ingredient of this sweet. However, Belgium is one of the largest and most important producers of chocolate in the world; Counting an approximate number of 2000 stores that sell it. With this large number, Belgium is positioned with the fourth place. His best brands of chocolate are undoubtedly the Leonidas, Godiva, Neuhaus, Galler and Corné.


3. Mexico

Mexico is also one of the countries with the highest production of cocoa and chocolate, is a main ingredient of its gastronomy as well as being a typical drink of this country. It has one of the most exquisite and fascinating chocolates in the world and thanks to its fantastic flavor, is the third place winner in the ranking. Among its most famous brands we have Ibarra, Carlos V and Ricollino.

2. Venezuela

Venezuela holds the second place in this ranking, since in recent years it has received much international fame, ranking three of its brands as the best in the world. Venezuela is the queen of white chocolate , winning for the fourth consecutive year the famous gold medal of the International Chocolate Awards. Among its most famous brands worldwide is Arcay, Franceschi and Chocolates El Rey.

1. Ecuador

This Latin American country deserves the first place in our ranking, as it is the country with the highest cocoa production. In addition to this, it is considered the land of cocoa with which are made organic chocolate bars with semi-bitter taste and without milk, flavored with Herb Luisa.

Ecuador has taken the tradition of producing and producing cocoa, and has more than 60% of the world’s fine aroma cocoa production. This raw material is very coveted and required in North American and European industries for the elaboration of fine chocolates.

Cacao brings Ecuador more than 700 million US dollars to its economy. The country is well on the way to the most demanding markets in Asia and Europe, who recognize the taste of this chocolate as the best that can exist in the world. Among the most recognized brands are: Pacari, Cacao Republic, Caoni, Kallari, among others.

Over time, chocolate has managed to leave a great mark on the world, considered the world sweet par excellence. It has history, flavor and fame, has deserved a holiday, appears in movies, series, magazines and countless platforms. It is basic that you know where the best chocolates in the world are so that you can enjoy them better. Best chocolate in the world?

Pacari, the best chocolate bar in the world

Ecuadorian and organic. Pacari chocolate has been recognized as the best in the world according to the prestigious International Chocolate Awards. The author is Santiago Peralta, who 15 years ago created a socially just company with farmers in the area. It sells in 42 countries and denies that chocolate is an aphrodisiac: “My chocolate is simply sexy,” he says.

Switzerland? Belgium? Ivory Coast? Venezuela? No, the country of chocolate should be Ecuador. At least that justifies Santiago Peralta (Cuenca, Ecuador, May 3, 1971), who since Pacari founded Pacera has not stopped praying all over the world for the tremendous benefits of the cacao of the mother country that gave birth to him. His company, which translates to Quechua as “dawn”, has achieved in just 15 years of existence to win prestigious international awards (according to the prestigious International Chocolate Awards, PACARI is the best chocolate bar in the world, since only in the edition of 2016 won three gold medals,

Exquisite raw material, fair and ancestral methodology.

It has achieved thanks to a wise cocktail of exquisite raw material, fair and ancestral methodology and elaboration that has amalgamated savory, wild, indigenous and extremely different flavors. “I was born at 3,557 meters above sea level along with the rumor of the water, which gives a character, with four rivers that donate to the Basin: Machángara, Yanuncay, Tomebamba and Tarqui, my father, a lawyer who was also a well-structured ecologist. Took the field very young, at age 5, so that the city did not corrupt me. He was the ideologist of all this that is happening now, “Peralta relates. His earliest agricultural memories were horseradish seeds. Then came the encounter with cacao, of course, when sucking fruit on vacation in the Pacific.

From there until Pacari established , almost three decades of migrations by academic studies and professional concerns (Peru, Germany, Portugal) to immerse himself in the chocolatier world in the tropics , with the national variety above the flag and the needs of farmers as Untouchable law. “. One day after surfing in Peru, the inspiration came to me and I decided with my wife to found Pacari, so that it would be a fair and socially committed company with The peasants, and we gave him a logo that is a petroglyph of 5,500 years old, which is man-tree, in total connection with nature.

They began improving quality by paying double, making a paste and some cocoa beans that became famous in exquisite palates from the first moment. It was about educating, about building a market where there was not. And as an added value and absolute commandment, that the chocolate be organic and biodynamic, without pesticides.

More than 100,000 families in Ecuador work with cacao, a crop that produces almost 800 million dollars for export only. The South American country ranks seventh in the world ranking of cocoa producers. They are 75,000 tons per year, 3% of the total amount. The ladder is headed by Ivory Coast with 1,200,000 tons, followed by Ghana, Indonesia, Nigeria, Brazil, Cameroon and Malaysia. The price has plummeted 40% since last summer and the ton is paid less than $ 2,000. First world demand has declined. Calorie war? Anti-sugar crusade? There are experts who try to broaden the knowledge and culture of chocolate as if the tablet were a Grand Cru Classé of the vineyards of Saint-Emilion. Best chocolate in the world?

Of the Mayas

This temptation that made Goethe, Napoleon or Hitler addicted comes from the cocoa bean that grows on the tree of the same name. The first to use the seeds of this plant to prepare a bitter brew which they called chocolha were the Mayans , who potentiated it with corn or hot chili, after a process of fermentation, toasting and drying of the grains.

The habitat of the tropical cacao tree, and its ideal height of cultivation is estimated at about 400 meters above sea level. The land must be rich in nitrogen and potassium; The weather, wet; The temperature, between 20 and 30 degrees. He thanks the shade, and they do not allow him to exceed six meters in height to favor the collection of the harvest. In the equatorial fringe these fine cacao trees proliferate and their fruits ripen twice a year: between November and January and between May and July. Botanists argue that this beautiful tree and very decorative foliage was growing spontaneously in the basins of the Orinoco and Amazon rivers 4,000 years before the advent of Christ.

The beans are covered with mucilage, a white pulp, sweet, reminiscent of the taste of lychee. The villagers and peasants take it alone, as they did centuries ago . The beans or fresh grains are put in large boxes or deposits for their first transformation. Its fermentation arrives: the yeasts transform the sugar into alcohol and opens the Pandora’s box of “aroma precursors”, according to Peralta. Farmers then turn the beans for two to 10 days to accelerate the entry of bacteria that will cause acetic fermentation. They extend in large courtyards or clearings in the sun on plates. Its percentage of humidity, avoiding with minimum the rot, happens to be only 5% (nothing more than collect them exceeds 80%). Hence the beans are sent to their destinations in large sacks of cloth, where their evolution continues. Here defects (mold, soil, putrid taste) and also virtues (aromas of fruits and flowers) can be seen. “The scientists have cataloged more than 400 aromatic notes in the fruit, but then they are summarized by groups or families of aromas,” recalls Peralta.

Fine cocoa

When classifying cacao, Peralta believes that it is better to talk about families instead of varieties. “Today, it is classified as fine cocoa, the most appreciated for its floral and fruit flavors, or cocoa. Only 2.6% of the world’s production is fine, of which Ecuador is 70%, and it is the one we use “. The national, whose natural habitat is usually located in the country that saw Peralta born, has accumulated praise. We speak of a very aromatic cocoa to refer to the Ecuadorian, prestigious. In 2008, Ecuador declared the fine aroma cocoa, Criba Arriba, as the country’s first denomination of origin (DO), with Vinces, 100 km from Guayaquil, as one of the most solvent producing cantons in the country.

Best chocolate in the worldThe beans are roasted between 120 and 150 degrees for a little more than half an hour.

Avant-garde elaboration that has amalgamated savory, wild, indigenous and extremely different flavors.

This paste is floury to the palate before being further refined into a velvety powder. With the shelling, the flavors of the chocolate and its aromatic register rise, in a technique patented by the Swiss Rudolf Lindt in the late nineteenth century. In an 80º tank, dance this powder until the material is liquefied. Cocoa butter is added to emulsify and impart unctuousness to the mixture. The set is topped with vanilla extract and soy lecithin. It only needs to be tempered so that it balances and compacts to about 32º. The tablet is ready. Crisp, homogenous, melting. Best chocolate in the world?

Oprah’s Favorite

Best chocolate in the worldChocolate tablet with lemon and verbena. 2.95 euros (50 gr).

Those of Pacari, up to twenty different varieties, are present in 42 countries , among them of such tradition as Switzerland, Belgium, France, Italy, United Arab Emirates, Russia, Colombia, Argentina, United States, where they have been blessed by the popular Television presenter Oprah Winfrey, and Spain. As the encyclopedias say, chocolate came to our country in the form of an energizing drink thanks to Hernán Cortés. Since then, we have had a discreet love story with this drink of gods and desires. “It’s not that it’s an aphrodisiac like most people think, but chocolate is just sexy.” Throughout 2016, Pacari sold only 140,000 bars of 50gr in Spain, most of which were made through El Corte Inglés , Since we did not sell professional line In 2017, That is to say, in 6 months that we have, we have sold only in Spain 64,500 bars of 50gr. We have to take into account that we also see other articles that would not be counted here, “Tercia Peralta. Our country ranks 13th in terms of chocolate consumers, with a ratio of 2 kg per inhabitant per year (in Switzerland or Germany Devour 9 and 7.8 kg respectively, Europe’s sweetest .) Pacari wants to reach 60 nations in just a couple of years.  We have sold only in Spain 64,500 bars of 50gr. We have to take into account that we also see other articles that would not be counted here, “Tercia Peralta. Our country ranks 13th in terms of chocolate consumers, with a ratio of 2 kg per inhabitant per year (in Switzerland or Germany Devour 9 and 7.8 kg respectively, Europe’s sweetest .) Pacari wants to reach 60 nations in just a couple of years. We have sold only in Spain 64,500 bars of 50gr. We have to take into account that we also see other articles that would not be counted here, “Tercia Peralta. Our country ranks 13th in terms of chocolate consumers, with a ratio of 2 kg per inhabitant per year (in Switzerland or Germany Devour 9 and 7.8 kg respectively, Europe’s sweetest .) Pacari wants to reach 60 nations in just a couple of years.  Our country is 13 in terms of chocolate consumers, with a ratio of 2 kg per inhabitant per year (in Switzerland or Germany devour 9 and 7.8 kg respectively, the most sweet in Europe). Pacari wants to reach 60 nations in just a couple of years. 

The brand, a pioneer in bio, already boasts the title of best bar chocolate in the world,and has joined the top 10 international companies that drive the organic chocolate industry, as published by the consultancy Market Research Future (MRFR) . Peralta, in addition to broadening its business plans, intends to save 10% of the gene bank of the world’s cocoa varieties. “We like the cultural rescue that we are in. Show what we have there, just as Peruvian gastronomy does.


The 12 best black chocolates

The black chocolate is booming. The reasons: the preferences of the gourmet palates and the taste of the customer, who prefers pure chocolate, quality and unique origin. “The modern consumer is now demanding products that have a specific feature,” explains Markus Lutz, one of the world’s most reputed pure cacao pickers . Out of Serie selects the 12 best chocolates in the Spanish market , all of them with a percentage of cocoa superior to 60%. The score goes from 1 to 10, with 10 being the highest note to get.

The chocolate is now much more than a fancy gourmet . Although today’s delicacy has little to do with what the Maya used to do yesterday, the truth is that in Spain alone the chocolate business moves more than 1 billion euros a year. In the global context, it is an industry that generates profits of more than 100,000 million euros, and that does not stop growing : the 4.1 tons of cocoa that are produced in the world are not enough to satisfy a demand that shoots up year after year. To the extent that, in 2013, there was a deficit of 175,000 tons , which brought the price of cocoa to historical records: above $ 3,000 per ton. Of course, the ancient Mexicans , Best chocolate in the world

Best chocolate in the worldONE A DAY. Rating: 7.5. Pancracio. Origin: Spain. Cocoa: 90%, 180 g. Price: 15.85 euros. Original presentation of Pancracio company, with capsules containing a high percentage (90%) of Creole cacao. Its managers refer to the beneficial nutritional properties of chocolate to recommend taking “one per day (at least)”. “A very healthy treat” applauds the chef de Santo. “I like it, although I do not get to perceive the high concentration of cacao”

Best chocolate in the worldBLACK CHOCOLATE WITH ALMONDS. Score 7. Producer: Petra Mora. Origin: Belgium. Cocoa: 61%, 400 g. Price: 7,50. . Made with Belgian black chocolate, the largest tablet of this tasting “contains little almond and leaves fat sensations in the mouth, but has quality,” says Angelo Marino. “As a gift, it’s great,” suggests Marta Cardenas. “

However, something is changing in consumer trends. The Swiss expert Markus Lutz , one of the most reputed chocolate tasters, warns that in the last decade there has been a steady growth in the demand for dark chocolate, and bitter, driven by the preferences of gourmet palates , which do not Only choose the tablets with a higher  Best chocolate in the worldpercentage of pure cocoa, but even recognize the different origins, to lean for so-called grands crus , the best plantations in the world. “The modern consumer is now demanding products that have a specific characteristic, and knows that there are unique chocolates on the market, as well as other specialized producers that only select the best origins,


LINDT EXCELLENCE 70% DARK. Score 6. Producer: Lindt & Srpüngli. Origin: Switzerland. Cocoa: 70%, 100 g. Price: 1.99 euros. The best seller of the old Swiss company, founded in 1845, is a safe value for lovers of black chocolate with high percentage of cocoa (in the Lindt range there are also 85%, 90% … and up to 99% ). “Considering its volume of production, the quality is remarkable,” says Marta Cardenas. “It is very aromatic, although excessively greasy for my taste”, points out Angelo Marino. In any case, the Lindt Excellence is a good solution to satisfy an irrepressible craving for cocoa.

In pursuit of this black gold demanded by the new generation of foodies chocolatiers, Fuera de Serie has selected 12 of the best dark chocolates present in the Spanish market, all with a higher percentage of cocoa than 60% (and some 85%) .

I LOVE PORCELAIN. Score 10. Producer: Amedei. Origin: Italy. Cocoa: 70%, 50 g. Price: 9.99. Considered rightly as one of the best in the world, this chocolate is produced in Tuscany (Italy) from one of the varieties most sublime and exotic criollo cacao, China, which is grown in Venezuela with a limited production: only 3,000 Kg per year, which is about 20,000 tablets. “It is an extremely pure chocolate, with aromas of herbs and dried fruit and balanced acidity. A must try, even if only once in life,” Angelo Marino gets excited.

To evaluate the quality of these tablets, a tasting took place in the dining room The Table – the new scenario of Madrid cuisine, which monthly “ephemeral” restaurants – which was attended by three experts: cooks Juliana Aguiar (restaurant Santo, Madrid) and Angelo Marino ( Mercato Ballaró, Madrid) and catering specialist Marta Cárdenas , by Isabel Maestre. All of them analyzed, along with whom this signs, the quality of the samples that were presented, to consecrate some chocolates that are well worth trying, even once in life, such as the exclusive Amedei Porcelana or the exquisite 1º Cru Mangaro and Grand Noir signed by the French master Michel Cluizel.

SELECTION AMIARI MERIDEÑA. Score: 9. Producer: Idilio Origins. Origin: Switzerland. Cocoa: 72%, 80 g. Price: 6.60. With Creole Cacao Amiari Merideña, grown south of Lake Maracaibo (Merida, Venezuela), the Swiss company Idilio produces this exquisite black chocolate, with aromatic nuances reminiscent of orange blossom, coffee and fresh mint. “It is very adult, complex and with excellent acidity,” says chef Juliana Aguiar. Without a doubt, it lives up to the prestige of a company that rigorously defends the concept “Bean to Bar”, working directly with small farmers and controlling the entire cocoa transport process.

DOLFIN NOIR 70%. Rating: 8.5. Producer: Dolfin. Origin: Belgium. Cocoa: 70%, Price: 70 g. Price: 2.95. Expert in cocoa blending of different origins, the Dolfin factory produces chocolates of great quality. Like this Noir 70%, “very balanced, deep and intense flavor, to take at all hours,” says Marta Cardenas. “It’s the perfect chocolate to always have at home, and enjoy a little snack when you get home at night, exhausted after a day’s work,” says Santo’s cook. It is a restorative delicatessen, which honors the healthy properties of cacao.

1º CRU MANGARO. Rating: 8.5. Michel Cluizel. Origin: France. Cocoa: 65%, 70 g. Price: 3.95. Magnificent chocolate by Michel Cluizel, one of the most renowned experts. It is made from cocoa from a privileged plantation in the valley that waters the Sambirano River in Madagascar. “It has a crisp, delicate texture, is very fine and very fragrant, with spicy memories,” Aguiar enthused. “One of its virtues is the acidity, which is key for the whole to be balanced. The fat is so well integrated that it is not perceived in the mouth,” says Marino.

CHOCOLATE BLACK GRAND CRU. Score: 8. Producer: Oriol Balaguer. Origin: Spain. Cocoa: 70%, 90 g. Price: 4. “Quality and rigor is the only way to reach excellence”. All a declaration of intentions on the part of the teacher Oriol Balaguer, who signs this chocolate elaborated in his workman from cocoa selected in plantations of Venezuela and Trinidad. “The tablet has a somewhat exaggerated thickness, which damages its tasting, but the quality is outstanding, with rich aromas of fruits, herbs and spices and excellent acidity,” says Marta Cardenas.

GALLER NOIR PROFOND. Score: 8. Origin: Belgium. Cocoa: 85%, 80 g. Price: 3.25. True to the tradition of the company founded by his grandfather in 1930, Jean Galler honors the prestige of Belgian chocolates with this extremely pure Noir Profond, made with 85% cocoa from different origins and without the addition of hydrogenated fats . “Very serious, it is not especially aromatic but melts very well in the mouth,” says Marino. “It is not suitable for all palates, only those who appreciate the noblest chocolates will be able to value it in all its dimension”,

VALRHONA GUANAJ Score: 7.5. Producer: Valrhona. Origin: France. Cocoa: 64%, 70 g. Price: 3.99. One of the most outstanding in the grands crus range of Valrhona, Manjari is produced with cocoa from a single plantation, in Madagascar. “It has good acidity, although it is a bit fatty,” warns Marino. Cárdenas replies: “Valrhona is a guarantee of quality”. In any case, the favorite chocolate of chefs like Joël Robuchon, Thomas Keller and Wolfgang Puck always ends up seducing the lovers of cacao, thanks to its fine floral and spicy notes.

Top 6: Countries with the best chocolate in the world

Chocolate pleasure of gods and goddesses, a small sin that is impossible to resist, but what is the best chocolate you should not miss trying ever in life, here I’ll show you the top 6: countries with the best chocolate in the world for Write them down and keep them in mind. Best chocolate in the world?

1. Denmark

A country that would not consider itself as a land of chocolate but, on the contrary, it is one of the largest producers of chocolate in the world. Among the most famous Danish brands are Bounty, Snickers, Mars and Twix . A destination that among its tourist attractions is chocolate, is not truly fascinating.

2. Italy

Another chocolate producer par excellence and in history, Italy is the first manufacturer of the bars of chocolates. The most famous brands are Amedei, Venchi, Perugina Sutti and Ferrero Rocher , the latter the best known in the world.

3. United Kingdom

Known for being the first country to manufacture organic chocolates, its famous chocolate bars are prized by tourists who buy several kilos to take home. Is it not worth traveling thousands of miles to taste them?

4. Switzerland

Historically Swiss chocolates and chocolates are popular for their excellent quality, and for being the richest on the planet. And this to some extent is true since the manufacture of chocolate in this country began in the seventeenth century. The most famous brands are Toblerone, Swiss Army, Nestle Cailler, Lindt and Glando . So if you travel to this country, are you clear what to buy?

5. Mexico

Cocoa-based chocolate is prepared in Mexico in the form of a beverage that is taken alone or with spices such as cinnamon and chile. Which results in a much more flavorful and aromatic chocolate. Although in the world Mexican chocolate is sold in the form of discs. The most recognized brands to remember are Ibarra, Ricollino, Chocolate V Carlo   and Mexican Chocolate Cup .

6. Belgium

One of the most important producers in the world, even though this country does not grow cocoa, the main ingredient for chocolate, there are about 2,000 stores dedicated to the sale of chocolate. It is the praline as used for toppings and fillings of chocolates. The most famous brands of chocolates to consider; Nirvana, Neuhaus and Floranne .  A top of the countries famous for chocolate that you will remember the next time you decide to buy this delicious delight.

The 10 Best Commercial Chocolates in the World

To eat a chocolate taking it to the mouth while its flavors melt in your language and they go running until you get a true ecstasy in your taste buds, is the base for which humanity is in love with this exquisite product that we like the Gourmets .

According to specialists, the craving for chocolate would be caused when the sensory papillae, which detect the taste melting in the mouth, cause the brain to produce endorphins. Endorphins are natural drugs that release the body to feel good, produce joy and happiness. The latter associates chocolate with love and feeling in love.

It is the exquisite food originating in America that our ancestors considered “the food of the gods” May not only have positive effects on health – although doctors, especially gastroenterologists, discourage it – but also awakens the virtues of love. At least this is established by a report that relates to the elevation of libido and desire especially in women. This discovery comes from the Aztecs and today it has evolved into a custom of giving chocolates (or flowers) to whom it is intended to Romance or seduce.

Chocolate helps to feel better, distances depression and studies have shown that it raises moods especially in times of the pre-menstrual syndrome. It helps the heart because it has components called flavonoids that are to prevent congestion of the arteries and thus help prevent heart attacks and strokes.

They are rich in antioxidants and these are very valuable vitamins for health. Cocoa is the ingredient that has the highest levels of magnesium. What makes cocoa valuable is cocoa and for the above results it is necessary to consume dark chocolate with at least 70% cocoa concentration.

There is an old Mexican saying very funny, which says that even in the buts there are races. In the case of chocolates this can not be closer to reality. There are houses that have made chocolates for hundreds of years, creating truly unique products for the palate. Savoring each of these delicacies is just as valuable as savoring wines, cheeses and dishes prepared by the best houses and chefs in the world.

From the huge world of brands, Types and methods to make chocolates, stand out 10 that are the commercial chocolates of the world.

Trying to buy handicrafts would be a pointless task since the vast majority of producers of truly handmade chocolates only sell their products in small regions scattered all over the world rendering them practically impossible to obtain on a recurring basis unless you live in an area of ​​influence Of some of them.

I will then devote my readers and lovers of gourmet to giving them the most coveted commercial gems in the fascinating and delicious world of chocolate.

Chocolates, cakes, biscuits, tablets, desserts, drinks, if chocolate and the best, could be considered more than a work of art.

One of my favorites is the one made in Pennsylvania that seduces and sweetens many with their little kisses, Hersheys. But he will offer you the list that, according to the experts, are the ten best chocolates in the world.

Godiva –

This Belgian brand is probably the best known chocolate maker in the world. Established in Brussels for over 75 years, it sells its aromatic and refined products on five continents. They can be bought online. Godiva owns and manages more than 450 stores in the United States, Canada, Europe and Asia, and its products are available through approximately 10,000 specialized retailers.

In addition to chocolates, Godiva also sells truffles, coffee, cocoa, biscuits, fruits and candied sweets, chocolate liqueurs (Chocolixir) Gifts for weddings and parties and other products arranged in gift baskets. The star product of Godiva is the Gold Ballotin of chocolates. Godiva also produces seasonal and limited edition chocolates with special packaging for all major parties. It also has licensing agreements for the production of ice cream, cheese tarts, coffee capsules and liqueurs with various flavors related to chocolate.

Leonidas –

Another of the most traditional chocolate firms in Belgium, which uses only handmade methods and a careful selection of ingredients. It sells more than one hundred different types. The company has not only focused on producing chocolates (soft-filled chocolate shells, called Belgian chocolate in English-speaking countries), But also sells marzipan, solid chocolates, and other sweets. The company owes its name to the Greek founder, Leonidas Kestekides, a baker who moved to the United  The logo used in Leonidas shows an effigy of the Greek warrior Leonidas, King of Sparta.States in the 19th century.

Valrhona –

Valrhona is a French chocolate manufacturer based in the small town of Tain-l’Hermitage in Hermitage, a wine region near Lyon. The company was founded in 19221 by a French baker, Albéric Guironnet, of the Rhone valley and has five subsidiaries and 60 local distributors around the world. He is currently one of the leading chocolate producers in the world. The company also maintains the École du Grand Chocolat, A school for professional chefs focused on chocolate-based dishes and sweets.
Valrhona focuses mainly on the luxury chocolates marketed for professional and private consumption. Although considered one of the best chocolates in the world, Valrhona has approximately the same price range as brands like Godiva and Neuhaus. Products include chocolate candies, chocolate bars alone or with flavors, and chocolate in bulk in bars or balls. Valrhona produces seasonal chocolate made from grains of the single year harvest of a specific plantation, mainly the Grand Crus that is cultivated in South America, Oceania and the Caribbean. Currently in production three brand of seasonal chocolates (Ampamakia, Gran Couva and Palmira) with plantations in Madagascar, Trinidad and Venezuela respectively.

Totel –

In Elda, Valencia is possibly the best pastry shop in Spain, or at least the most famous. His name is Totel and is masterfully directed by Paco Torreblanca, known for having served the wedding desserts of the Princes of Asturias. Their chocolate bonbons and their cakes have nothing to envy the best Belgian chocolate Godiva or the best English chocolate Prestat or Charbonnel et Walter. Paco Torreblanca has revolutionized the world of the bakery offering a wide range of chocolates that the customer can choose to fill the box. It emphasizes its variety of cakes among which we can mention the Venice, the tiramisu cake, the truffle band and the Totel. Among its cakes are the Totel cake, the royal and bomb.

Richart –

One of the most expensive chocolates in the world. Their master craftsmen have been manufacturing it in Lyon since 1925 and they dare with original combinations of flavors, textures and essences from natural ingredients and the best cacao.
Richart is dedicated to the production of the best chocolates with the best ingredients. They are the product of a family tradition of unceasing pursuit of perfection in chocolate blending innovation, purity, elegance and clean design in their chocolates. That is why they are considered as the most beautiful and refined in the world.

Pierre Marcolini – www.marcolini.

Be This Belgian teacher is one of the world references of chocolate. Travel the world looking for the best cacao and elaborates with it products that surprise by its perfection, its aromas and its lightness, with acid, bitter or sweet flavors.
Pierre Marcolini has probably become one of the best masters of chocolate in the world because of his passion for that pleasure. Marcolini is tireless looking for new flavors, is a true magician of the senses.
Each of his creations is unique.
Chocolates with acid, bitter, sweet flavors.
Pierre Marcolini travels every year to Mexico, Madagascar, Trinidad Island, etc. In search of the best cacaos. Once you have the cocoa in your Brussels workshops begins a creative process that repeats year after year producing true jewels.

Michel Cluizel –

For over 55 years, Chocolatero has been able to preserve the familiar and independent character of his company, building over the years a world-wide name of its manufactures, unique flavored chocolates, fruit of an alchemy Subtle of perfumes and flavors. Michel Cluizel is committed to discovering remarkable plantations to manufacture in his workshops the exceptional chocolates destined to the great chefs in pastry and catering, to the gourmets and chocolate lovers of the world.
Creator of the concept «1er Cru de Plantation», which identifies high quality chocolates from a single plantation, Each with its own characteristics. “1st Cru de Plantation” indicates that this unique cocoa is produced, harvested, fermented and dried in a single plantation.

Cacao Sampaka –

A brand of Spanish chocolate that has acquired great prestige since its appearance in the year 2000 and that extends all over the world. His idea is to popularize the consumption of high quality chocolates through his stores. Of particular note are their innovative chocolates.
It has become a real temple for chocolate lovers. Faithful followers of the artisan methods of production, their original chocolates and chocolate tablets are made with cocoa butter without additives from Venezuela or Ecuador, where the best varieties are grown.
A corner for gourmets where they turn the typical box of chocolates with the most delicious and unusual proposals:
chocolates with spices, fruits or spirits, chocolate tablets of up to 99% cocoa, ice cream and jams, snacks on the basis Fried corn or orange sticks coated with bitter chocolate.

La Maison du Chocolat –

One of the most prestigious French gourmet chocolates, which has expanded worldwide from its Faubourg Saint-Honoré store in Paris. The philosophy of its creator, Robert Linxe, is that chocolate should be as bitter as possible. Since opening its first store in 1977, Robert Linxe, soul and creator of the Maison du Chocolat, cultivates good taste and excellence. Connoisseurs of the complexities and subtleties of cocoa have a level of creation described as the Hermès of chocolate.
In 2006, La Maison du Chocolat in London put on sale a decorated Easter egg inlaid with diamonds, costing more than $ 100,000 dollars.

Lindt –
Lindt is the most popular of the quality chocolate brands in the world.
It is a Swiss firm founded in 1845, which produces chocolates less artisan than many of the ones mentioned in this list but with selected ingredients that produce a characteristic flavor exclusive to this brand.
Its Excellence line, with high percentages of cacao, lives up to the best in the world.
Lindt is the mark of the great chocolates, Easier to find as it is sold in almost every country.
Rudolph Lindt is probably the most famous chocolatier of his day.
In 1879 he developed a technique with which he could make a chocolate that was superior to all the others in terms of its aroma and melting characteristic. Using the “conch” he had invented, he produced chocolate that had a delicate taste and a melt quality that is nowadays well known.

Its brand contributes significantly to the worldwide reputation of Swiss Chocolate.

It is very important to clarify that many of these brands that are marketed outside their native countries, have very different flavors to the original, mainly because they are produced in different regions of the world. Although they follow the same standards of quality and excellence, milk is not the same in all countries.
A Lindt chocolate bought in Mexico and produced in the United States has NOTHING to do with that produced in Switzerland with milk from that region. Best chocolate in the world?

Pierre Marcolini
Michel Cluizel
Cacao Sampaka
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