Best AR Games iOS 11 | Augmented reality games iphone

he ARKit-ready iOS 11 was rolled out to iPhones and iPads. Here are 10 best ARKit games for iPhone and iPad (free and paid) in 2017. games are the most popular category of ARKit-only apps, capturing 35% of the market share, Apple's ARKit will allow more apps to use the augmented reality tricks we first saw in Pokemon Go. Here are our favorite apps The Best ARKit Apps to Try on Your iPhone or iPad With iOS 11. We've spent some time playing AR games on iOS, and here's our pick of ... ARKit is arguably one of the biggest features of iOS 11


With iOS 11 has been introduced the ability to develop apps and games actually increased. Let’s see what are the best AR games for Phone and iPad.


So far, we’ve been offering you an article about the best ARkit apps for iPhone . For those who did not know Apple, with iOS 11, has introduced the ability to use apps made with ARKit. ARKit is the new development environment entirely dedicated to increased reality. The App Store, therefore, has been literally invaded by applications and games of this type. If you are curious to try the best AR games for your iPhone / iPad, then keep following us.Best AR Games iOS 11 | Augmented reality games iphone

The best AR games for iPhone and iPad

The Apple App Store is now full of apps and games made to take advantage of increased reality. So let’s see what are the best AR games presently on the store.

Stack AR

It’s a game where we have to stack one on top of the other moving blocks. This game, already present in normal mode, now introduces the possibility of playing actually increased. Thanks to it, therefore, we can play from several perspectives, stacking blocks above our desk or our desk. The app is available for free download , but there are some in-app purchases.


Egg, Inc.


Let’s face it. Who has never wanted to have a chicken breeding? Well, now the dream can become a reality. Egg, Inc.  is a game based on hens and eggs production . Then forget forever texture, action and adventure, from this moment on everything revolves around the eggs. All we have to do is tap on the screen to produce hens that will in turn produce eggs and in turn produce money. Nothing simple is true? We also have the opportunity to play with the increased reality. We will then be able to place our farm directly on our table or desk.

Are you waiting to download it? It is completely free!

DOWNLOAD | Egg, inc.

AR Sports Basketball

Are you basketball or sports enthusiasts ? From today you can play Basketball where you want thanks to the increased reality. We will therefore be able to place our basket wherever we want. We can also choose between different game modes. In short, this is a great pastime.

DOWNLOAD | Ar Sports Basketball

Drive Ahead! Mini-golf

You are a mini golf golfer, but do not have the chance to play forever? Do not despair, this is the game for you! Drive Ahead! Minigolf allows us to play minigolf by exploiting the increased reality. So we will be able to position our campus wherever we want and play anywhere and anytime. It’s also really easy and fun to use and is available for free download .

DOWNLOAD | Drive Ahead! Mini-golf


This is a puzzle game made entirely to be exploited by the ARKit platform. The purpose of this game, therefore, is to explore the worlds by exploiting only our character and the increased reality of Apple. In addition, to interact with the game, just take advantage of the camera of our device. The game is available for download at a cost of 3.49 €.


HoloGrid: Monster Battle AR

It is a turn- card game where we have to fight our monsters against other monsters. This game exploits the increased reality so we will be able to place the playing field wherever we want. Additionally, the game is a free-to-play game , but you can collect other characters by purchasing cards.

DOWNLOAD | HoloGrid: Monster Battle AR

Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

It is a game that exploits the increased reality that allows us to exterminate hordes of zombies , simply using our device. So we will be able to command a virtual helicopter by moving our device. In addition, the visual graphics are those of the thermal camera that reveals the traces of heat.

DOWNLOAD | Zombie Gunship Revenant AR

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