Best App to convert pdf to word document on iPhone and Android

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The PDF format is probably the best option as it is a stable file format that allows you to read the text and images as they are. There are a lot of applications that you can use to view PDF files on your mobile devices, but what about converting these PDF files to word on the device itself? Well, that’s what this article is about, to describe the free application to convert PDF to Word file on your Smartphone or Tablet, either iOS or Android . Best app to convert pdf to word document?

Best App to convert pdf to word document iPhone and Android

Many times we need to convert a PDF file to Word . And sometimes we not only need to do it, but we have to do it from the mobile. For that,   PDF to Word for iOS  comes to the rescue: an application for iOS (iPhone, iPad) that allows editing on the fly and convert PDF to Word from the phone .

Surely you have found that you have a PDF document that you need to modify or want to change format. Well, today this is a little easier thanks to an application called PDF to Word that you can find in the App Store for iOS devices. You will get Excellent PDF to Word conversion quality.

This application can be very useful and will allow you to convert PDF files into Microsoft Word documents. As you will see below the conversion process is very simple and in just a few seconds you will get your PDF files in Word .doc format.

You can easily convert your PDF files into Microsoft Word documents using Cometdocs

All you have to do is run the PDF to Word application on your iPhone or iPad and after that, just open the PDF document you want to convert to Word file. Once the file is imported into app it will be automatically sent to the Cometdocs servers, where the conversion process will take place . Best pdf converter for iPad?

You just have to wait until the conversion process is complete and the file in Microsoft Word format is downloaded to your device . The good thing about the PDF to Word app is that the conversion is not done on the device but on an external server. This is one of the best pdf converter app for iphone

If you liked PDF to Word you can download the application right from the App Store or clicking on the link under these lines. It is also totally free , so you do not lose anything to try it and give it a try. Edit pdf on mac for free

The PDF to Word application is compatible with both iPhone and iPad and to install it you need to have iOS 9 or a later version. When the PDF to Word conversion is complete, we will receive notification that we have the new file in .docx format and that it is ready for editing immediately.

The application makes every effort to preserve the original design of the PDF file, but there is something to keep in mind: the files are processed in the application servers , so you will always need an internet connection to use it.

NOTE: Beside files from your phone, you can convert your files directly from Gmail, Drive, Dropbox, Box, OneDrive – and now from iCloud too.

Some other apps to convert PDF to word file on iPhone and android

Doc Scan

It is an App that converts your printed copy to PDF. Doc Scan converts your paper documents to PDF format with your iPhone or iPad. Simply take a picture of your paper documents, scan it with the application, and convert the image into a high resolution PDF in real time.
Platform: iOS

Able2Extract PDF Converter

It is a free multiplatform application that allows you to create PDF documents from MS Office documents, convert PDF documents to PowerPoint, Word and Excel in just 2 steps. Converted files can be stored in the local storage of the phone or easily shared through other applications.
Platform: iOS | Android

File Converter

The conversion will be done online securely and the converted files can be downloaded back to the application. Supported file formats include video, documents, audio, ebooks, images and files with more than 100 supported formats.
Platform: iOS | Android

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