Why some babies are soaked in vaginal fluid at birth

Why are some babies born are covered

In England more and more parents that their children soaked in vaginal fluid at birth. It is not any imported to the British Isles, but something radically different ancestral rite is a recent practice inspired by the latest discoveries in one of the hottest fields of science, the study of the human microbiome. Why are some babies born are covered

The classic idea that our microorganisms are limited to act as digestive workers in the gut long ago was outdated. Today we know that our vast microbial community plays various functions in the body, that a micro

biota healthy also depends on our good health and our personal footprint microbes accompanies us throughout life, from birth.

MICROBIAL BAPTISM – Why are some babies born are covered

Earlier this century, researchers began to find that transit through the birth canal does more than bring us into this world to go through that elusive tunnel scraping the walls, we impregnate the vaginal flora, the first bacteria with we touch in our lives.And far from being unhygienic, this microbial baptism is beneficial to the development of the microbiota baby: in 2010, a study showed that the microbiota of those born by birth resembles the vaginal , while children by cesarean section have a community very different microbes, similar to skin.

It was shortly after when microbiologist at the University of California, San Diego (United States) Rob Knight, co – director of the study, saw his personal life intersected the object of his research: his partner pregnant should undergo a caesarean not planned. Both made the decision; when the baby was born, Knight went through her skin gauze soaked with microbes that naturally would have found on their journey through the birth canal. “At some point you need to decide what you will do before you have all the evidence , ” Knight wrote last March in an opinion piece in the journal The Scientist .

Why are some babies born are covered
Why are some babies born are covered

Vaginal flora bacteria

And the fact is that research gives reason, at least in part. In February this year, Knight and his colleagues published a pilot trial to show that this procedure “sown vaginal” gives babies born by cesarean section more like the result of a natural birth, at least microbiological profile during the first 30 days of life and especially in the skin and mouth.

However it is important to note that, as the researchers write, “are still unclear the impact on long – term health of the restoration of the microbiota in infants born by cesarean section.” But something if there are clear signs: “Caesarean delivery has been associated with an increased risk of immune and metabolic disorders , ” the study says. And today caesarean rates in many countries exceed 10-15% recommended by the World Health Organization . In Spain the proportion of caesarean sections reached 22%, according to the Ministry of Health in 2013 , but in places like theUnited States reaches 32%, nearly one in three births .


Disclosure of studies on the vaginal seed has begun to cause its effect. In an editorial published last February in the journal British Medical Journal , the specialist in pediatric infectious diseases Aubrey Cunnington, of Imperial College London, with a team of co – authors from other hospitals, was aware of a recent increase in requests for vaginal seed by mothers in British clinics. Why are some babies born are covered

Cunnington and his colleagues warn that the benefits of vaginal planted are not yet proven, while this intervention can be risky if the mother’s vagina harbors potentially dangerous microorganisms. “Newborns can develop serious infections from exposure to diners and vaginal pathogens that can lead asymptotically mother” they write.

Among these microbes, the authors point type B streptococci, causing neonatal sepsis and present in 20 to 30% of pregnant women, as well as certain viruses and sexually transmitted pathogens. “We have already had to intervene to prevent vaginal seed of a woman with genital herpes,” warns the editorial.

“At this point I would not recommend anyone to do so, unless as part of a clinical trial with proper screening of pathogens , ” says Cunnington to The Huffington Post . The pediatrician recognizes that it would be “Draconian and impossible” ban and therefore believes it would be an advance subject to all pregnant women to check forvaginal microbes, “although no screening is 100% effective.” However, Cunnington believes that the benefit derived from seed is minimal: the increased risk of obesity or asthma in children born by caesarean section is “really very small.” “Not worth the risk , ” he concludes.

At this point I would not recommend anyone to do so, unless as part of a clinical trial with proper screening of pathogens.

Cunnington article has been answered in the same journal by the Spanish and Venezuelan José Clemente Maria Gloria Dominguez-Bello, co – directors of studies sown. “Basically we agree with them that mothers should make an informed decision with their doctors , ” he said to The Huffington Post Dominguez-Bello, Faculty of Medicine, University of New York. Microbiologist argues that the most recommended baby vaginally exposed to the same risks as the seed. “The indications should be the same”, he argues. “The restoration aims to minimize the impact caused by an existing intervention, which is the C – section.” Why are some babies born are covered


Perhaps the role of microbiota in the baby even more complex and unexpected. A new study in the journal Science shows that, as during pregnancy, molecules from the intestinal flora of the mother are helping to shape the child ‘s immune system, at least in mice.

Why are some babies born are covered
Why are some babies born are covered

Bacteria and a yeast cell

The first author of the study, the Spanish Mercedes Gómez de Agüero, University of Bern (Switzerland), anticipates that this is another essential influence of microbiota in the healthy development of the baby; Also in humans, whose gestational age is greater than that of mice. “This allows the newborn to be able to control and adapt to the massive colonization [microbial] that occurs at birth”, exposes the Huffington Post . Why are some babies born are covered

With regard to vaginal seeded Gomez de Aguero he believes that “it is a promising method” face to reorient the development of the microbiota of babies born by Caesarean section, but believes that more thorough investigations and studies of its effects will be needed long term before that “is a routine in maternity hospitals.”

These investigations are underway. Dominguez-Bello is recruiting participants for a clinical trial to study the oral, nasal, skin, vaginal and fecal flora of 78 mothers and their babies from birth to fulfill the year of life, in order to evaluate the restoration of the microbiota by vaginal sown. Meanwhile, and with advice from Knight and other experts, the researcher has co – founded Commense , a company start-up that aims to bring the vaginal sown to hospitals.

They should decide based on their willingness to do other things that make sense but are ahead of the scientific evidence

Dominguez-Bello adventure yet when, if it comes, the procedure will form a routine part of clinical practice: “We are beginning”. But Knight is confident that health authorities will soon begin to regulate it; vaginal or direct seeding, or perhaps the use of derivatives probiotics. Until then, and for pregnant women who will give birth by Caesarean section and seeding option arise, it recommended to undergo a microbiological analysis and take into account the risks. Moreover, he cites his personal experience: “They should decide based on their willingness to do other things that make sense but are ahead of the scientific evidence, for example, most probiotics and diets”.

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