Are Dating Sims And Real Life Dating Actually Similar?


Real-life dating has both good and bad things. Many enjoy the thrill of going on a date with their crush, or prefer the chase and conquest game of social interaction, finding it more interesting than a real relationship.

Anime Dating Sims are very similar to these interactions; you have to meet, charm, and date that interesting someone that suddenly appears in your way.

Are Dating Sims And Real Life Dating Actually Similar?

Let me show you how similar Anime Dating Sims and real dating are.

Realistic Artificial Intelligence.

In Anime Dating Sims, the main character is presented in a new stage of their life: a new city, a new job, a new year of school, and more.

There, they meet several beautiful girls or handsome boys that somehow contact with the main character; maybe they study or work together, live nearby, or have met a couple of times on the same coffee shop.

This is something that happens in real life: you are surrounded by different kinds of people, and you may feel interested in one of them.

The level of realism that you can find in many of the Anime Dating Sims is amazing; the characters you meet have their own personalities and backstories and will react naturally to your words. You will feel you’re talking to a real person!

Different Datings Scenarios.

When you play Anime Dating Apps, you will have the option to choose where to take your dates. You can invite them to the cinema, a walk in the woods, bowling night, a bar, and many more.

The characters can accept or reject your invitation depending on what day is the date (maybe they work at that time or have another appointment) or because they are not interested in you… yet.

You can also meet them casually when you walk in the streets or bump into them somewhere in the city, and you can offer to walk them to their houses.

As in real life, never forget that no matter where you choose to take them, make sure you share a good time. That way, maybe next time they will be the ones calling you to make a second date.

Giving Gifts.

A way to their heart can be presents. During the Anime Dating Sims, you will have the option to buy some gifts for your special someone; it could be for a special day like Christmas and birthdays or to give them something on your next date.

Everybody, from real-life people to artificial intelligence characters, can get excited when receiving gifts, and they will surely let you know how much they liked them if they liked them at all.

Not every person has the same tastes, so you better be careful with what you are buying.

Know your Love.

So, how can you know what your chosen one likes and dislikes? Well, that is something you will have to find out!

When you meet someone for the first time, you chat with them, ask questions about their family and friends, favourite movies, favourite books, favourite foods. The same goes for the characters in Anime Dating Sims.

It’s likely that the first dates don’t go as good as you would like because you’re still starting to know that person, but during the date, you will be able to make any questions and get clues of the things they like.

But be careful! Some questions may not be right to ask, making the character uncomfortable and probably wanting the date to be over. You have to be polite and treat them well.


As you can see, dating using an Anime Dating Sim is not as different as dating in real life. The Anime Dating Sims are less stressful because you have the option to start over if you want, something that you can’t do in real life.

However, the basics stay the same: meet someone, discover the things you have in common, enjoy dates together, and finally start taking those significant steps that lead to a beautiful love story.

Are you not convinced yet? Then it’s your turn to try one and compare. You may find a couple of interesting tips to use on your next real date!

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