Apple Rumored to Announce New iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle Around next week


New iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle 

According to French website claims Apple is set to release its iPod series devices. Apple may be releasing it’s fastest ever iPod Touch next week on tuesday with Apple iPod Shuffle and iPod Nano lineup, bringing the device up to date with the iPhone maker’s other hi-tech products. New iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle.

Apple's next-gen iPod touch will gain 64-bit A-series processor
Apple’s next-gen iPod touch will gain 64-bit A-series processor

Apple ‘to launch fastest ever iPod Touch – Features which Apple may add or Upgrade in new iPod Touch Series:

  1. Apple iPod Touch could get a 64-bit processor, replacing current 32-bit processor.
  2. Also inclusion of the M7 motion co-processor into Apple iPod Touch is not sure but it’s a likely choice.
  3. Apple iPod Touch currently uses a  32-bit A5 processor.
  4. pink, gold, and dark blue color options May be available for customers.
  5. Better version of iMovie application and new added features,
  6. New GarageBand features,
  7. More functions for Pages, Numbers and Keynote apps.

The Retina display makes everything more eye‑popping. Photos, apps and websites show off every detail. And when it’s game time, the graphics come alive and the pixels become invisible.The iPod Touch, which hasn’t seen its components updated since the launch of the figth generation of products in 2012, could get a 64-bit processor. This will replace the Touch’s current , making the gadget faster. New iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle .

Apple iPod Touch 5th generation currently has iOS 8 Operating system. Since, iOS 8 is packed with big new features to get the most out of your iPod touch. Now you can add your voice and video to text messages, quickly make amazing edits to your photos, and help you keep track of your health. Typing is also easier thanks to a new predictive text capability. Apple iPod Touch with new upcoming Apple iOS 9 will boost the device power and Performance. New iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle .

Since, With every new release of Apple iPod touch device, you also see  better versions of iMovie, GarageBand, Pages, Numbers and Keynote. So you can be creative and productive right from the start. You also get great apps for email, surfing the web, sending texts, making FaceTime calls — there’s even an app for finding new apps. New iPod Touch, Nano and Shuffle .

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