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Acrobat Reader free alternatives? It is instantaneous: they send us a document in PDF and the first thing we think is to open it with Acrobat Reader . So well has the Adobe program been positioned in the industry. Also, since we do not usually handle too many PDF files, we do not bother to look for alternatives either. But yes, there are . And many of them are free, they also allow editing of the document in question and are much simpler and faster than Acrobat Reader, which in recent years has been adding little useful functions for the average user of the program. From IEEnews we propose three alternatives to Acrobat Reader that best suit your needs: Acrobat Reader free alternatives?

1 Foxit Reader

Acrobat Reader free alternatives
Acrobat Reader free alternatives

The most popular of programs to manipulate PDFs that is not Acrobat ReaderIt is free , weighs less than Adobe software and is quite faster. Foxit Reader is designed for Windows and most of its functions are only available for the Microsoft operating system, although there is also a version for Mac OS and for Linux.

Foxit Reader has an interface very similar to Acrobat Reader, which is why it is the favorite alternative of many users . Among its functions, besides the essential one, which is to read the documents in PDF, it emphasizes the possibility to add notes, to make searches within the text, to consult the document without loading the images, to insert a signature or to convert the PDF to other formats. In addition, if you use Mozilla Firefox, Foxit Reader offers an extension to open the documents directly in the browser .

2 Sumatra PDF

Acrobat Reader free alternatives
Acrobat Reader free alternatives

If Foxit was the most comprehensive alternative to Acrobat , Sumatra is the low-cost version of programs for reading PDF documents. Open source, free and extremely simple, Sumatra takes to the extreme that less is more . In the PDF universe, it only has one function: to read them . It does not allow editing, it does not allow comments and it does not help you to change the format of the file.

Available only for Windows, Sumatra also reads other extensions (ePub, MOBI, XPS, DjVu, CHM, CBZ, CBR) and is portable , ie you can carry it on a USB and it works without installation .

3 PDF-Xchange Editor

Acrobat Reader free alternatives
Acrobat Reader free alternatives

PDF-XChange Editor is the evolution of PDF X-Change Viewer , which was completely free and which, incidentally, can still be downloaded from the developer page. Most editor functions are also free, but there is a 15% that you can only access by paying. In any case, if you need to read PDF, edit, insert or extract pages, add comments or include a signature , you do not need to scratch your pocket.

XChange Editor is in Spanish, it is fast, it is intuitive and, for its lightness, nobody would say that it puts at our disposal so many functions. Of course, when you download it and install it, choose the personalized option, because for the complete all kinds of useless and annoying programs that just mess up our computer are covered.

Other interesting options: Slim PDF Reader, Nitro Reader, Cool PDF, PDFLab (Mac only) or FreePDF (Windows only). Yes, there are alternatives to Adobe Acrobat Reader.

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