10 ways in which the mobile has changed the way we interact with cities


Although you try to deny it , sure it ever happened to you. You walked down the sidewalk without stopping to type in your ‘smartphone’ when you’ve been on the verge of crashing into a lamppost. But except for these events, the phones are improving the lives of citizens in cities. In fact, many cities are already taking full our addiction to smartphones party . 10 ways in which the mobile has changed the way

We summarize ten surprising and useful innovations of the smartest cities that fit in your pocket. Yes, we warn too that nothing can prevent des occasional missteps because of WhatsApp even if your town decide to include them all.

10 ways in which the mobile has changed the way
10 ways in which the mobile has changed the way

1Traffic lights on the ground to not stop looking at mobile .

Almost 17% of pedestrians Europeans use their ‘smartphone’ while walking down the street according to a recent study. To prevent any of them suffers an accident while crossing a street without paying attention to the signs of the traffic lights to the German city of Augsburg has happened install light signals on the pavement. In this way, the wayfarer not even have to lift the look of the screen to see if you can cross or not at that time. 10 ways in which the mobile has changed the way

2Mobile phone chargers on the streets thanks to solar energy.

New York settled in 2013 the first free solar chargers for pedestrians. Although a bit late, solar charge these centers have already arrived in Spain from the hand of the company USBE . Barcelona, Guipuzcoa, Ibiza, Madrid and Valladolid are some of the cities which have already been distributed these chargers that promote renewable energy.

3Intelligent Parking …

The Controlled Parking Service Madrid can already pay through applications and-park ,EYSAMobile or Telpark . Many other cities already have these applications to forget about parking meters, although only the capital Madrid, Barcelona and Ciudad Real offer several ‘apps’ for the user to choose which you prefer to pay with payment using your credit card.The Organization of Consumers and Users just published a guide practice with the features and disadvantages of each.

4… And public transport without contact.

One of the biggest annoyances every time we take the subway or bus is the proper purchase of the ticket, especially if you do not have a monthly subscription. Can you imagine if we could make the payment directly with only approximate our mobile phone to a device? This is the goal that has marked Vodafone in Spain. 10 ways in which the mobile has changed the way

The company announced a few months ago the creation of an open platform that any public body or entity can join transport to provide access to mobile thanks to NFC technology. Meanwhile, the Municipal Transport Company of Madrid has already begun testing so we can pay the bills via credit card without contact.

5A dustbin that claims you use it.

All we delayed some other day so unpalatable as necessary time to throw in the trash. TheCity of Dallas has it ever occurred to help the most absent – minded citizens with an ‘app’ that offers a free calendar schedules urban waste collection or the festivities. It sends automatic reminders neighbors by email, Twitter or text messages so you never forget them deposit their waste in the appropriate bins.

6A ‘app’ participatory to improve the environment.

Google, the mobile application Apps4citizens and the Madrid City Council have recently launched the contest Go App Madrid 2016  with the aim of citizens solve city problems designing their own ‘apps’. Specifically, the locals involved in the initiative delivered untilnext June 10 its project to reduce or offset the pollution of the city using a ‘app’. In addition, in the capital Madrid is already available one for measuring air quality . 10 ways in which the mobile has changed the way

7Points free wifi as substitutes booths.

Although the most nostalgic cost them recognize, telephone booths , still part of the street furniture are increasingly dispensable. So New York has recently decided to remove themand place points wifi in place. Obviously, the City of London does not plan to replace the iconic red booths. What I made a while ago was put some green to serve as charging stations mobile phone. Still others will have screen, scanner, printer, mouse, Wi – Fi and free coffee soon .

8Alerts on Twitter for citizens to be informed.

Since 2014 we have the tool Twitter Alerts , which enables warn people of disasters, terrorist attacks or other emergencies. The National Police was the first institution in Spain that decided to start using the emergency system of the social network of blue bird, a service that you can subscribe to any citizen . Across the pond in Colorado , authorities are even encouraging citizens to register for this service to be informed of any event.

9A lane ‘smartphone’.

The authorities in Chongqing (China) came up with a more curious than to Augsburg to solve the problem of addicts mobile idea. Instead of avoiding confusions of those living close to his ‘smartphone’, the segregated in a separate lane 30 meters long. The idea of separating the population according to whether or not it mobile in hand does not seem tohave liked to other urbanists, since no lanes like this are known in other in other locations.

10Text messages motivators for you to lose weight. : 10 ways in which the mobile has changed the way

If the cube bossy garbage surprised you, you should know that the authorities of the British town Stoke-on-Trent began an even more invasive initiative in 2014: send messages with motivational citizens texts overweight through mobile. Although surely the intention was good and the authorities only ensured the health of citizens, replicate this project in other cities it does not seem as recommended.

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