10 Things to Know Before You Arrive in Dubai

Culture in Dubai can be extremely clear. How you need to dress? Should you give tip to waiters? Can you drink alcohol? Here we have discussed 10 tips for travel and fun in Dubai.

10 Things to Know Before You Arrive in Dubai

1. Visit Between the Months of October to April

Dubai has two seasons — hot and hotter. The months between October and April, are acknowledge as the winter season, carries blue skies and seamless beach weather to the city. 

2. Look at Flights Six Months in Advance

International airlines usually release their inexpensive seats about six months earlier than departure dates. This does not mean you certainly need to purchase your tickets that far along of time, but it’s a better idea to seek and compare prices earlier. 

3. Book your Hotel Months in Advance

Because Dubai is developing into a popular holiday destination, and because October through April is the key time for tourists to visit, you need to be sure you have a fine place. to do so, make your Dubai hotel reservation before two to three months.

4. Show Respect During Ramadan

If you come during the holy month of Ramadan, celebrated in the ninth month of the Islamic calendar, respect the Muslims and their practice of fasting by not eating in public places in day time. 

5. Dress Modestly

When you pack your vacation apparel, think conformist over revealing attire. Women’s clothing is considered offensive if it’s too short, fitted or transparent, whereas men should not walk around without wearing a shirt. 

6. Take Permission Before Taking Pictures

Never take a picture with an unfamiliar person without their permission, except you are taking a scenic shot in a major crowded area. 

7. Should you Give Tip?

Tipping is not actually expected in Dubai, but it’s a general practice. Majority of restaurants will include a tip to your bill. Taxi drivers do not think to have a tip, but luggage carriers and superstore beggars are given a small tip for offering the services.

8. Don’t Just Tell your Taxi Driver an Address

Taxis are good for visiting around the city. However, don’t think your taxi driver is aware with every street or restaurant in Dubai. They don’t know the city as much you think they should, so make sure you end up where you wish to be, give them references to city landmarks, as they might know these well.

9. Be Careful Where You Drink Alcohol

Alcohol is allowed in Dubai, but you can’t drink in public, as drinking in public and during driving is prohibited. Also, you can’t purchase alcohol for your personal use without a license, and you have to purchase it from a licensed place.

10. Stay away from PDA

To show affection publicly is very offensive in the UAE. To stay safe, do not hold hands or kiss your significant other in public. Even with these strict laws, you should not shillyshally to visit Dubai if you have the chance. It’s an exceptional destination, and one totally worth seeing, with your better half or with your family.

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